Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some great music to paint to!

Soulful with meaningful lyrics, a great cd to listen to while you're being creative. 

What is Yardsellr? The Pro's and Con's

Recently I started using Yardsellr to list my items, and I like what I've found out about this site over the last couple of weeks.  There is no fee to list, no fee when the item sells. 

So how do they make money?  I'm sure they make click-through money and have great social networking angles with facebook and twitter.  They also get a "slice" from the seller, approximately a dollar for every 10.00 spent.  Not bad, I've bought several great items on there.

And LAST but not LEAST! They give you credit towards purchases.  Photon$ are their version of credit, you get some for commenting on items while browsing, if friends join after clicking through your post on facebook or twitter, buying and selling items, etc.  These are great, I've used many to pay for items, all I pay is shipping and handling (if it's extra on the item) and yardsellr's little slice.  So a $30.00 shirt for a few bucks is a Steal!

There are a couple of downfalls at the moment, but they are worth it to me, since I pay minimally for all services.  They don't pay the seller until after the item is shipped with confirmation.  Confirmation costs more, especially for myself who sells art prints.  It's made my shipping a little under $5, instead of $2.  I've raised the items to make shipping included for people to freely use their photons.  This is okay, I understand the confirmed shipping, this way there isn't a huge delay for people to send their items (which is good for the buyer). And the seller needs to be able to cover the shipping of the items they list.  So far this hasn't been a problem, as there is a delay when someone buys something from paypal.

So I guess I'm saying, I really like this sites regardless of the downfalls that I've found....

Check out my Yard-Sale!!! ------>

Join up and get some discounts for yourself!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

New Projects!! Springtime fun with kids too!

Today was gorgeous out!! I had set aside a couple of days solely dedicated to art, inspiration, and custom orders I needed to complete on schedule...

This is what my kids, neighborhood kids, and I worked on.  We had a spring project of painting bricks for our little rock garden.  Very cute stuff!

and here is my newest custom order, first as the rough sketch and finally as the finished oil painting!  I have a second one I'm finishing tonight that is it's twin but will be slightly different, enough to make them distinctly individual. 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Drumroll please.. Japan Night Scene Print now available

One of my favorite, most detailed paintings is now available as a print!  Not everyone has the space, or budget for a huge original painting.  So I've made it available in an 11x14 size professionally made print for $25.  And for those who would like an 18x24 for the same price, I am taking pre-orders for it.  I have to pay the printers more to get these made, but I save on bulk orders.

So if you'd like one just let me know, I have an order going in after this weekend!  I can offer many of my prints in a variety of sizes and papers (even wrapped canvas prints), so don't hesitate to ask.  Isn't that what they always say, "don't know if you don't ask".

Since winter wont go away... I'll experiment with soup!

Today was rainy and chilly, which I don't mind all that much.  I get to wear my great winter boots a few more days, and I get to try out some creative recipes.

We've always loved the canned italian wedding soup, so I scrounged through my cupboards and found some items to make a chicken, rice, and spinach concoction for tonight.

Here's what I used:
1 frozen chicken breast
1/2 can spinach
3 tbsp tomato chicken broth powder
2 tbsp lemon pepper
1 cup rice
5-6 cups water

I just cooked the chicken and the lemon pepper in the pan.  Cut up the breast, then added all the ingredients to the pot and simmered for 30 minutes. 

The result was wonderful!  Great savory flavor, healthy spinach, a truly wonderful meal in a bowl.  Unlike some of my other experiments, the family devoured this.  Even my picky son at some of it (just don't tell him that was spinach!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting ready to send off a new painting..

What would your sign say?

And my newest oil painting is all dry and ready to be taken to it's new home.  A nursing facility in Kansas.  I just got an order for a couple more paintings for the same business.  I love my job!  
These restaurant signs are the perfect addition to any kitchen (I love the one I have in my kitchen) , plus it doesn't hurt for those of us who love to cook to have our very own proclamation ;)  The cutest order I had was for one that said Sweet Southern Cooking.  

Friday, March 25, 2011

Japan Night Scene- Fundraiser for Japan Relief

Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting
Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting
Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting Japanese Relief Donation 325 dollars Japanese night scene Huge Original Painting
This is an original painting by me that took months to complete. I've always thought of keeping it in my personal collection. I really poured my heart into it, and admire all of the hard work it took to get "Just Right".  I never thought of passing it on to someone elses collection.  But with what has occurred in Japan, those thoughts evaporated quickly.

This Japanese night scene is in the mountains, with a beautiful moon shining over everything and reflecting the colors of nature. There is a Shinto shrine on a cliff, a plain house, red bridge crossing a dazzling river, and a beautiful geisha taking in the view. This painting has so many scenes within it that you find yourself just staring at it, taking it all in.

The painting is done on a huge 30x40 inch canvas. Oil paint is the medium and a little bit of glitter was put onto the water. A truly captivating artwork that commands the attention of the room.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I love this organizer!

I made one of these because I'm always reaching for a brush when I already have paint on my hands.  This makes my studio space so much cleaner.  You have your favorite brushes, now they're all accessible and at the tips of your (maybe paint covered) hands.  I hear that there are "tidy" artists, this is the closest I will get to being one!  I'm making these reclaimed barn wood beauties in a couple of different sizes for sale in my etsy shop

I've been adding new items every day, and would love to hear what you think about the listings.  This includes items you think I should have, or paintings you'd like to see.  

Friday, March 18, 2011

mid-terms.. oh the stress

I think mid-terms have sent me off the deep end...writing about Plato and Machiavelli, doing research and writing papers... oh the joy.  I have snuck in some fun time though, tried a new experiment with some cool old tiles, canvas and glue.  I will put pics on when they dry, we'll see what happens!  Speaking of experiments.. chemistry homework errrr. 

Why oh why... Bad Vibes

Why are people so negative when your following your dream?  I'm so happy for my friends and family when they go for what is most important to them... truly.  So why is it that your number one passion in life makes other people unhappy?  or negative?
I feel lucky to know what my dream is... and I'm not going to apologize for it anymore!  I'm going to brag, maybe even MORE than I need too.
I opened my little etsy shop on new years and already I've made international sales, and will be published in a magazine soon (just filled out the release).  I LOVE what I do, and I have been through so much that I deserve to be happy.  I owe it to myself to give this a try, a real try.
But that leaves the question... do I just ignore the negative people, confront them, or leave them behind?  One bright spot is that I've found out who's really there for me and who will provide inspiration.  See.. I could end this on a positive note ;

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What the heck is Destash? and Aceo?

Yep! I had to look it up.  I still haven't learned the " language" of the art trade, or the Etsy lingo... so I'll pass on what I learned.

Destash is selling the supplies and extras from you crafting, painting, jewelry making, sewing loot.  Passing it on to someone who will use it.  It fits with the title, lol.

And Aceo cards are like baseball cards, except for artists.  You can swap and buy them and have collections, also a pretty cool idea. 

So there's my lesson for today!  Hope you learned something just like I did!! 

Follow my Blog?  Cause you know I'm awesome... in the short term attention span way at least??

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March into Spring 25 OFF!

Its that time of year, spring cleaning and a fresh look towards this year.  In recognition of that I'm doing a sale.  Something that inspires you, that you see beauty in, or that brings back happy memories is always a good thing.  I love sentimental things, and i try to capture that in my paintings.  click the link below to look around!
lisas paintbrush store

Thursday, March 3, 2011

new items added to shop... feedback welcome

Some of the new additions are custom watercolor paintings for $45, greeting cards from any of my prints for 5.95, or a 5x7 hand-painted original from one of my prints.  I know that variety in offerings and prices can help bring in more customers, I'm just really unsure on the pricing.. I guess we'll see how they sell and adjust from there. 

I've been painting a picture a day... or the equivalent at least lol

I'm now at the refining stage, making everything google friendly.. putting tags in all of my listings.  And now that's no small feat.  I've been averaging a painting a day and my listings are up to 33.  I've been trying to just use up all of this creative vibe I'm getting.. my coursework in school may be suffering slightly, but I work better under pressure anyways... right? ;)

Sales have been slower, but I imagine that the end of the month has a lull just like most other businesses.  I fight the little voices of failure and try to just keep working when I don't have orders.  For instance, i have a painting of two sisters (my daughters) that is my best seller.  People love it, so I'm trying to take notice of that.  I now have a picture of seven sisters, and am working on one of three boys.  I'm trying to get a good mix of siblings (or sons and daughters) to fill the rest of the market on capturing those family moments that you never want to forget.

Good news also.... one of my paintings is making a journey to the UK.  My first international sale, I think that's great!  Through that sale I had to figure out shipping, and now I've added shipping to all countries in all of my listings.  That way people don't need to ask for a quote, I know I wouldn't want to. 

I may have doubts, I may get down on myself for a minute, but then I realize I'm doing pretty well for not really having any sales until a month ago.  I've already got repeat business, and I really do love talking to people to make sure they get exactly what they want..

Sunday, February 20, 2011

How much should you get for royalties on someone else selling your work?

I could've done it.... but I didn't.  The idea of giving away my pictures..MY PICTURES for a small fee in return seems like a really bad idea.  Maybe I'm just not knowledgeable on the subject... if you've had experience with this please let me know. 
I have to say one of the things I LOVE is dealing with my customers, and seeing how happy they are when they get their artwork.  Its a wonderful feeling, and I don't want to give that up.  So I guess I'm not going with the man, and seeing if This Chick can do her own thing ;)  oh by the way! Here's my new picture

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can I really pull off being a full-time artist?

To continue on from my last post... I went from having NO clue what I was doing, to being ready to quit, from researching and refining my etsy site, to having enough orders in one week to make up for a month of income at my part-time job.  

I began to see what my top sellers were going to be, what customers wanted, and I knew that I could make people happy by giving them the ability to personalize what they buy.  I sold 2 prints, then another, an original painting, a custom oil painting, then 4 custom prints.  Then I was commissioned to make two watercolors.  What joy I found in having so much going on!

All of this for Actually paying attention to higher traffic times, and pinpointing what was best to refresh on the site.  So now I'm basically at the point of fulfilling orders after the weekend rush, then filling the rest of the week finishing custom orders and creating new works to keep my posts fresh.  It's tough competition buy I like to focus on becoming the best I can.  I'm reading what the pros say on Etsy, and trying to believe in what they say.  Now if I can just keep business going strong...

Time to paint a new picture! It will be posted later on

Comments are very welcome! I'm learning and if you have some pointers for me let me know!! <3 

Byes for now!


I'm so not used to being a noob....

So this New Year's Eve I decided my goal on a whim.. Make a site to try to sell my art.  I'd heard of Etsy, looked it up and went for it.  I was impressed with the low monetary commitment required and needed that considering I was working as a server and going to school full-time.. all while taking care of my 3 kids.  

I thought to myself, I'll just dip my toes in and see what happens.  No harm if nothing comes out of it.  My first posts were REALLY rough... horrible pictures taken by my cell phone.  No editing on photos... pretty bad.  I did sell a print the first day it was up.  Then nothing.

At this point, I was trying.  I had my professional photographer friend come over and snap some pics of my art, and learned some of the basics on Etsy.  How to make my items look good,and how to describe them.  I made new pictures almost every day, I read articles that some of the featured artists wrote, and polished up my store to a nice shine.  

I still wasn't getting too much love.  And I was discouraged and wondering what I was doing wrong.  First thing that crossed my mind was that there was not really a market for people buying "extra" items right after the holidays.  Secondly, I wasn't sure if I was pricing items competitively.  Third, I wasn't sure of the traffic peak hours.  

I basically all but quit, when I realized I was renewing my items during the day, when traffics is definitely NOT at its' highest.  I lowered my prices after searching for similar items, and started posting a little bit every night.  

I started to get in my groove and realize that this isn't something that might, maybe be possible.  I started to wonder when I could quit my part-time job.  

to be continued..... my blog is just being born, lets let it sleep for the night and I'll be back tomorrow :)