Sunday, February 20, 2011

How much should you get for royalties on someone else selling your work?

I could've done it.... but I didn't.  The idea of giving away my pictures..MY PICTURES for a small fee in return seems like a really bad idea.  Maybe I'm just not knowledgeable on the subject... if you've had experience with this please let me know. 
I have to say one of the things I LOVE is dealing with my customers, and seeing how happy they are when they get their artwork.  Its a wonderful feeling, and I don't want to give that up.  So I guess I'm not going with the man, and seeing if This Chick can do her own thing ;)  oh by the way! Here's my new picture

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Can I really pull off being a full-time artist?

To continue on from my last post... I went from having NO clue what I was doing, to being ready to quit, from researching and refining my etsy site, to having enough orders in one week to make up for a month of income at my part-time job.  

I began to see what my top sellers were going to be, what customers wanted, and I knew that I could make people happy by giving them the ability to personalize what they buy.  I sold 2 prints, then another, an original painting, a custom oil painting, then 4 custom prints.  Then I was commissioned to make two watercolors.  What joy I found in having so much going on!

All of this for Actually paying attention to higher traffic times, and pinpointing what was best to refresh on the site.  So now I'm basically at the point of fulfilling orders after the weekend rush, then filling the rest of the week finishing custom orders and creating new works to keep my posts fresh.  It's tough competition buy I like to focus on becoming the best I can.  I'm reading what the pros say on Etsy, and trying to believe in what they say.  Now if I can just keep business going strong...

Time to paint a new picture! It will be posted later on

Comments are very welcome! I'm learning and if you have some pointers for me let me know!! <3 

Byes for now!


I'm so not used to being a noob....

So this New Year's Eve I decided my goal on a whim.. Make a site to try to sell my art.  I'd heard of Etsy, looked it up and went for it.  I was impressed with the low monetary commitment required and needed that considering I was working as a server and going to school full-time.. all while taking care of my 3 kids.  

I thought to myself, I'll just dip my toes in and see what happens.  No harm if nothing comes out of it.  My first posts were REALLY rough... horrible pictures taken by my cell phone.  No editing on photos... pretty bad.  I did sell a print the first day it was up.  Then nothing.

At this point, I was trying.  I had my professional photographer friend come over and snap some pics of my art, and learned some of the basics on Etsy.  How to make my items look good,and how to describe them.  I made new pictures almost every day, I read articles that some of the featured artists wrote, and polished up my store to a nice shine.  

I still wasn't getting too much love.  And I was discouraged and wondering what I was doing wrong.  First thing that crossed my mind was that there was not really a market for people buying "extra" items right after the holidays.  Secondly, I wasn't sure if I was pricing items competitively.  Third, I wasn't sure of the traffic peak hours.  

I basically all but quit, when I realized I was renewing my items during the day, when traffics is definitely NOT at its' highest.  I lowered my prices after searching for similar items, and started posting a little bit every night.  

I started to get in my groove and realize that this isn't something that might, maybe be possible.  I started to wonder when I could quit my part-time job.  

to be continued..... my blog is just being born, lets let it sleep for the night and I'll be back tomorrow :)