Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some great music to paint to!

Soulful with meaningful lyrics, a great cd to listen to while you're being creative. 

What is Yardsellr? The Pro's and Con's

Recently I started using Yardsellr to list my items, and I like what I've found out about this site over the last couple of weeks.  There is no fee to list, no fee when the item sells. 

So how do they make money?  I'm sure they make click-through money and have great social networking angles with facebook and twitter.  They also get a "slice" from the seller, approximately a dollar for every 10.00 spent.  Not bad, I've bought several great items on there.

And LAST but not LEAST! They give you credit towards purchases.  Photon$ are their version of credit, you get some for commenting on items while browsing, if friends join after clicking through your post on facebook or twitter, buying and selling items, etc.  These are great, I've used many to pay for items, all I pay is shipping and handling (if it's extra on the item) and yardsellr's little slice.  So a $30.00 shirt for a few bucks is a Steal!

There are a couple of downfalls at the moment, but they are worth it to me, since I pay minimally for all services.  They don't pay the seller until after the item is shipped with confirmation.  Confirmation costs more, especially for myself who sells art prints.  It's made my shipping a little under $5, instead of $2.  I've raised the items to make shipping included for people to freely use their photons.  This is okay, I understand the confirmed shipping, this way there isn't a huge delay for people to send their items (which is good for the buyer). And the seller needs to be able to cover the shipping of the items they list.  So far this hasn't been a problem, as there is a delay when someone buys something from paypal.

So I guess I'm saying, I really like this sites regardless of the downfalls that I've found....

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